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Making HVACR & Refrigerant Compliance “Cool”

Refrigerant compliance expert… Author… Writer… HVAC marketing consultant… 

Having spent over five years as an HVAC marketing specialist, my work has appeared in numerous industry magazines, including Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, Retail & Restaurant Facility Business, and EM Magazine.

I now have a monthly #RefrigerantRoundup series that aggregates the must-know refrigerant updates each month. 

I also create industry-leading compliance guides. I help put the “cool” in HVACR and refrigerant compliance. 

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My Latest Insights ...

REfrigeration hashtags

Looking for some #refrigeration hashtags to use in your social media posts? In celebration of World Refrigeration Day 2021, I put together this quick list.

HUmans of hvac

Recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Humans of HVAC for their #WomenInHVACR series. Inspired by Humans of NY, Humans of HVAC (HOH), a nonprofit project of Airzone, portrays the genuine stories of those in the HVAC space from around the world.