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Refrigerant compliance specialist… Author… Writer… HVAC marketing consultant…¬†

Having spent over five years as an HVAC marketing specialist, my work has appeared in numerous industry magazines, including Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, Retail & Restaurant Facility Business, and EM Magazine.

I host a monthly Refrigerant Briefing to discuss the top refrigerant insights across the globe.

I also help you and your team create industry-leading compliance guides. I help put the “cool” in HVACR and refrigerant compliance.¬†

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My Latest Insights ...

REfrigeration hashtags

Looking for some #refrigeration hashtags to use in your social media posts? In celebration of World Refrigeration Day 2021, I put together this quick list.

HUmans of hvac

Recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Humans of HVAC for their #WomenInHVACR series. Inspired by Humans of NY, Humans of HVAC (HOH), a nonprofit project of Airzone, portrays the genuine stories of those in the HVAC space from around the world.